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Sunday, 18 October 2015

For My Reference( why created)

  • trywingain.com to really try win and gain knowledge and money.
  • winwalmart.com to inform about Walmart and its origin
  • helpagrichildreneducation.in to help the poor children for their welfare, education and food,clothing and shelter.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • https://genxwhosting.com/
  • Gen X Web Hosting

    Web hosting company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
    AddressSector 2C, 85, Sector 2,Vrindavan Colony, Lucknow,
    Open 24 hours Uttar Pradesh 226001
  •  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Indiaintlstudents.com to build up a data base and with all details for reference and to educate,guide them in all subjects through online.
  • nandinitravelsntours.com to promote tourism, travel  form Coimbatore,India and abroad.
  • situationsvacant.info to help the job-seekers to find the jobs they want with no front end fees  or any charge.
  • mutualaid.club to help each other save the face and the situation.
  • Mutualhelp.xyz. the same as above.
  • seethesebetmovies.info. to see and review and bet only for points and grade.
  • seethesebestmovies.info.all salient points connected with the story,direction, acting, music, lyrics, photography, and any other. The best review will get points and will gain prizes.(only for members) membership onetime fee only to be decided.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Globehost.in
  • GlobeHost India Private Limited
    Globehost India Private Limited, # 431, First Floor, Sector 20 A, Motia Khan, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab 147301
  • 9888377001 info@globehost.in
  • http://gumcan.com/2018/08/02/let-us-pray-for-all-for-peace-and-prosperity/
  • imv.life all about MahaVishnu and Maha laxmi for prosperity and success.
  • lovewordpressorg.xyz to know and understand  and learn wordpress,org and its contents.
  • http://lovewordpressorg.xyz/2018/08/02/love-wordpress-org/
  • six2teen.com all about the problems and solutions,dresses. self-development and to understand the lives of great men and women and emulate and follow their footsteps.
  • spbin.in the great singer Mr.S.P.Balasubramanian and Mr.Ilayaraja and their songs for entertainment.
  • twentywenty.com what to do after twenties to improve standard of living, ambition ,target, goal  and to achieve  fame and name in this world.
  • walmart.tel. showing their lives and achievements. and to promote the series Walton family and Shirley Temple.
  • to be seen together with winwalmart.com
  • raosportsworld.com to promote good health for all younger generation and excel in the field of games and sport.Children and students get less homework and allow them to build up their bodies with good exercises and yoga.
  • trashtotreasure.in. try to make this world less polluted, contaminated and adulterated and to live in good environment and at the same time maketrashintocash.com.some more in due course.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • For the kind and personal attn.of all concerned.

  •  Anyone interested can contact geenrao19@gmail.com.
  • These are done as a hobby and to offer a chance to any youngster who is  well-versed in web development.web-design  and graphic design.and who is very good in sales and marketing any where in the whole world.
  • Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.
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